Welcome to Monticello Fire & Rescue        

Proudly serving the Monticello Area since 1892 with Fire and First Responder services. Our service area is about 80 Sq. Miles with about 3500 total population. We are primarily a rural farming area. Our department will average about 80 - 100 calls a year with about 70 % being First Responder calls. We do not run a ambulance out of our station but rely on the surrounding EMS units for transport and continuing patient care. We average about 32-35 members with over half of these being either Certified First Responders or EMT'S.  We currently have a ISO rating of 5 for the Village and were the first department in the county to undertake a rural ISO rating exercise and have a class 8 rating for the rural area.

Emergency Dial 911

Non emergency contact Green county dispatch center (608) 328 9400


Whats Hot Now !!!!

Monticello Fire is in the process of a major change in our fleet as we acquire a new engine. Then convert the existing chassis from the old engine converting it into a new tanker. Then after delivery of that unit the old tanker will be sold of as surplus due to it's age.  

Community Events


A brief message to webmaster@monticello-fire.org stating your originations event's will get it listed here.